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Här kommer jag att samla länkar till artiklar om romance. Sidan är under kontinuerlig utbyggnad.

De flesta på engelska...

Why Can’t Romance Novels Get Any Love?

Defense of Romance, Vol 2

Don't Hide Your Harlequins: In Defense Of Romance

How I Learned to Stop Being a Literary Snob and Love Romance

Sex, Romance and the Happy Ever After 

Men, stop lecturing women about reading romance novels

Regency lifestyle - Could Mr Darcy afford a stately home today?
We calculate the modern-day fortunes of Jane Austen's fictional heroes.

Beyond Bodice-Rippers: How Romance Novels Came to Embrace Feminism

What Happened to the Historical Romance Novel?  

31 Important Life Lessons From Romance Novels (Yes, Really) 

How Harlequin Became the Most Famous Name in Romance

10 Surprising Facts About Romance Novels 

7 Reasons It’s Actually Totally Feminist To Read (And Write) Romance Novels, Thank You Very Much  

 10 Things I Learned from Reading Romance Novels

The 11 Best Things I Heard at RWA 2015

Never Read a Romance Novel? Grow Up!  

The Regency Romance: How Jane Austen (Kinda) Created a New Subgenre 

How to Make Sense of Sensibility  

Romance Unlaced: Readers find strong plots in historical romantic suspense

Some Like It Hot: The Literary Function of Sex Scenes in Romance 

No, All Romance Novels Are Not the Same

7 Reasons You Should Read Historical Romance

Writing a Romance Novel Made Me a Better Feminist 

Mind your language! A Guest Post by KJ Charles on All About Romance's Blog

Not your grandma’s historical romances:
Samantha Grace and Shana Galen on old twists and new favorites

Anatomy of a Cover: Romance Novels 2015–2016 

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Write Off Romance Novels

Romance Unlaced: The 'Downton Abbey' effect on historical romance  

No more Fabio: The art of the romance novel cover 

The One Thing This Romance Author Wishes You'd Stop Doing 

Virgins and heroes: It took a while, but romance novels finally learned that no means no 

Predicting the next romance trend

Are most romance novels badly written?

Sisters hope romance-only bookshop is a best seller  

Bed tricks and broken women: Shakespeare's guide to love

The Wonderful, Growing World of Romance 

Romance Unlaced: Historical romances with distinctive settings 

Why setting a historical romance outside of England is risky business

Sarah MacLean: Bashing Romance Novels Is Just Another Form Of Slut-Shaming 

Rakes, Rogues, Scandals and Scoundrels With writer Sarah MacLean

The 10 Sexiest Nonsexual Things That Happen in Historical Romance Novels  

Trashy, sexist, downright dangerous? In defence of romantic fiction

Romance Queen Lisa Kleypas Talks Consent, Trump, and Writing Ambitious Heroines 

If It Doesn’t Have an HEA (or HFN), It’s Not Romance

The Secret Lives of Male Romance Novelists  

Stop dissing romance novels already

Author Alisha Rai Discusses Writing Romance Novels in a Very Rough Year 

The origins of the bodice-ripper cover: Playboy Press? det börjar dyka upp vissa mer eller mindre seriösa artiklar på svenska också

Nu har första Harlequin-boken skrivits på svenska

Är romantiska böcker på väg mot en ny vår?
Göteborgs Posten skriver om ett nymornat intresse för den storsäljande genren - de romantiska böckerna håller på att kliva ut ur skamvrån. (Februari, 2016)

Kärlek – nu med orgasm
Helsingborgs Dagblad skriver om modern romance, bland annat om Simona Ahrnstedts böcker.

Efterlyses: Svensk romance
En artikel från 2012, där Svenska Dagbladet skriver om att svenska förlag nu efterlyser nyskriven svensk romance

Simona Ahrnstedt lyfter hånad genre, Kommunalarbetaren, 7 oktober 2016

DN gratulerar: Simona Ahrnstedt, författare, DN, 9 september 2017

Författare i fokus - Simona Ahrnstedt, Akademibokhandeln, oktober 2017

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